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Blanchester Area Historical Society

Pre-1912. Hunter Building.

Pre-1912. Hunter Building.

The Hunter Building was located at  142 South Broadway at the corner of South Broadway and Bourbon St. across the street from Blanchester Oil.

 It was originally established as a community hotel but eventually became a commercial hotel. In addition to the hotel the building hosted a variety of other businesses including:
• Agin Furniture
• Blanchester Radio & Appliance
C.D. Kenney Company. A distributor of sugar and coffee.
• C.L. Bradley Oldsmobile
• A.M. Cornett. Auctioneer and Realtor
• Bar
• Hunter Grill

A major fire in 1912 destroyed the 3rd floor. When it was rebuilt the 3rd floor was left off. The building was razed in 1971 by the owners of the property, Blanchester Oil Company, to make additional parking.

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