Collection: Blanchester Fair/Clinton County Fair

The Clinton County Fair has a confusing history of existence. This is due to the fact that Wilmington and Blanchester each held competing fairs in the summer. Multiple and conflicting names have been used by Blanchester and Wilmington over nearly a hundred years of fairs. All of this was settled in 1928 when the Blanchester Fair and The Wilmington Fair combined to form the Clinton County Fair. The fair was then moved to its permanent location at the Clinton County fairgrounds in Wilmington.

Below is a timeline of both fairs.

Blanchester Fair

1860. First fair.

1900. Blanchester started using name "Clinton County Agricultural Society" for their fair to the dismay of Wilmington.

1911. Fair resumed operation as "Blanchester Fair".

1917-1922. Clinton County Fair was held in Blanchester.

1928. Merged with Wilmington Fair 


Wilmington Fair

1833. First fair. Fairs continued until 1837.

1837-1848. No fairs were held.

1849. Fairs resumed under name "Clinton County Agricultural Fair".

1900?-1903. No fairs were held in Wilmington.

1905-1909. Fair operated under name "Farmer Kennedy's Fair"

1910- ?  Fair operated under name "Wilmington Fair"

1917-1921. No fairs were held in Wilmington.

1922. Wilmington Fair resumed under that name.

1926 Fair held under the name ""Clinton County Agricultural Society".

1928. Merged with Blanchester Fair.

Source: Wilmington News-Journal, Wilmington, Ohio, Fri, Aug 5, 1960

Blanchester Fair/Clinton County Fair