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Level School. Harlan Township, Warren County.

Maybe the smallest community in our area. Level Station, sometimes just called Level was a tiny railroad stop on the Cincinnati & Marietta Railroad. It's located on Morrow-Woodville Road just west of S.R. 28, in Harlan Township, Warren County.

"The former schools of this district were held on the lot now owned by Town Long and date back to the old time log school house with its big fireplace and slab benches, and teachers at eleven dollars per month. But in 1867 the present site was purchased from Joshua Thompson and the present house was built, which is a good frame of two rooms, with sliding partition for special occasions, and is furnished with organ, charts, library, etc.

Both parents and pupils take great pride in our schools, and although we have never sent out any great political men, we have been able to furnish a great many teachers besides being represented in the various business vocations of our country, including several good government positions, the law, medicine, etc., so that you can scarcely go where you may not find teacher or pupil with good words for Level Schools.

Since the Boxwell law has been in effect we have been among the first in number of graduates, and since the offering of scholarships, by the N. N. U., our pupils have won more of them than the average won by other schools of our county.

It has become a custom to fill the position of primary teacher from among our own pupils, who have been successful at the teachers' examinations, and often furnish teachers from the schools for both rooms, which is the case at present. Our teachers at present are Mr. Frank Jackson, Principal, and Miss Carrie Geran, Primary.

The district was made a special in 1896. The members of the present board are, Perry Marsh, C. B. Ross and Albert Fox."

Source:The Cenntenial Atlas of Warren County The Centennial Atlas Association, Publishers. Lebanon, Ohio. 1903

Level School.