Collection: Westboro

"Westboro was laid out and platted on June 7, 1838, for Josiah Graham, proprietor, by David Wickersham, surveyor. It is part of the John Breckenridge survey No. 3,045. This village is located in Jefferson township, on the Hillsboro branch of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad, four miles east of Blanchester.

It was originally the voting place for the township, and its growth did not begin until the railroad was run through the county. The Westboro woolen mills were built in the year 1868 by S. J. Spees, Tunmous & Adams, at a cost of about seven thousand dollars. The building was ninety feet long by thirty feet wide. It covers a commodious cellar, thirty by sixty feet, under that portion of the building which was originally constructed for a depot.

In April, 1874, the establishment was purchased of S. J. Spees by S. Wickersham & Son, who operated the same until about fifteen years ago. It is now used as a wareroom by W. A. Hudson. While the mills were in operation they did both merchant and custom work, and their products were shipped to the following towns and supplied their respective neighborhoods with flannel, jeans and blankets: St. Martins, Fayetteville, Cynthiana, Newtonville, Edenton, Goshen, Blanchester, Wilmington, Cuba, Clarksville, Martinsville, New Vienna, Washington Court House and Lynchburg."

Source: The History Of Clinton County. W. H. BEERS & CO. 1915.