Collection: Garrison Corner

Descendants of Lemuel Garrison Sr., a Revolutionary War soldier, were among the first Europeans to own and settle land at Garrison Corner (intersection of State Route 123 and Shawnee Trace) . Garrison Cemetery burials took place from ca. 1837 to 1936. The cemetery has 327 lots. Eighty-six burials are documented including veterans John J. Garrsion, Benjamin Garritson, James Knicely, Nicodemus Rude, and William Rude.

The Garrison Corner School, located on State Route 123, 1,042 feet northwest of the Shawnee Trace intersection, was in session from ca. 1842 to 1929. The first directors of the Garrison Corner School, known as School District #1, Marion Township, 1842-1843, were Benjamin (Garritson) Garrison, Peter Keenan, Peter Nicely, and Peter Rude. Over 300 students attended the school, which was razed ca. 1934.

Photo: ©2021 Steve Ziegelmeyer

Garrison Corner