Collection: P.E. Snyder Hardware

Philip Edwin Snyder started his hardware store in 1888. One of the most successful and longest operating stores in Blanchester's history. The store operated in town for over a century.

Here is a timeline of P.E. Snyder's Hardware Store:

  • 1888. Opened "Moon & Snyder" hardware with Darius H. Moon. This store was in the First National Bank building at Main and Broadway.
  • 1891. Snyder bought out Moon and changed the name to"P.E. Snyder Hardware".
  • 1895. The entire business was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1895.
  • 1897. Snyder moved the store to newly built Bindley Block.
  • 1922. Snyder and son purchases the Crosson Building across the street and moves the store.
  • 1939. Snyder's business falls victim to another fire. Estimated $35,000.00 in losses.
  • 1955. P.E. Snyder passes away.
P.E. Snyder Hardware