Collection: Edenton School

The original schoolhouse was located on Main St. (S.R. 727) and S.R. 133. It was a brick structure built circa 1855. The school occupied the first floor and the Masonic Lodge held their meetings on the second floor. The Masons occupied the second floor from 1860 to 1877.

On April 29, 1915, several citizens from Edenton school district met with County Board of Education and asked that a centralization of township schools be made into a large school at Edenton, which was approved by County Board. The citizens of Edenton school district approved the consolidation at special election held May 22,1915. Many levies to build a new school were defeated in months ahead but in early 1917 citizens of Edenton approved a levy to build a new school.

By May 1916 the original building had been condemned by the State Industrial Commission for not being suitable or proper for school purposes. The school was torn down in late 1917 to make room for new school which was built on the same site.

Due to the construction of the new building, the 1917-1918 school year was heldĀ in the Masonic Lodge.

Edenton School