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1872. Frederick Douglass Assaulted in Blanchester.

1872. Frederick Douglass Assaulted in Blanchester.

This is a fascinating account of famous abolitionist and social reformer Frederick Douglass' visit to Blanchester.

This article is written in a flowery, sometimes cryptic style that was common for the time.

We'll break it down into more straightforward language.

Mr. Douglass was traveling by train to a convention in New Orleans. The train made a stop in Blanchester. His connecting train was held up so he spent some time in town. A local man named White obviously said something to Douglass that he found offensive ( "White, who hadn't undergone the formality of an introduction, addressed him familiarly"). Mr. Douglass told him to go to Hell (my favorite line -"take up his abode with the damned"). Mr White assaults Douglass ( "twain" means couple or two here). The cops show up and break them up. Frederick then gives everyone a piece of his mind.

The Cincinnati Enquirer ( a "Democratic paper") notes that they don't have the full story because they don't know Mr. White's political leanings. Showing that political biases in the media are nothing new.

Source: Cincinnati Enquirer, Apr 10, 1872, Wed, Page 4

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