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1799. Daniel Boone In Blanchester.

1799. Daniel Boone In Blanchester.

It is likely that the great frontiersman Daniel Boone hunted in Blanchester.

In 1799 Boone was staying at Wood and Manning's Station in southern Clermont County. While there he and 10 others "took a hunt" north to "nearly the headwaters of the Stonelick". On modern maps the headwaters of the Stonelick are on S.R. 123 right outside of Blanchester just north of the Trinity Baptist Church. However, on a 1859 map of the area the headwaters are on Westboro Rd right past the intersection of Fairground Road where East Fancy becomes Westboro Rd.

So with this information only, it's impossible to absolutely confirm but it's likely that Boone hunted in Marion Township in Blanchester. At a minimum he had been active within miles of this area.

"In the fall of 1795, John Wood, David Wood, Jeriah Wood, John, Nathan, and Elisha Manning settled in Washington township, about a mile from Calvary Church. They had their families, and built what was called "Wood and Manning's Station", afterwards called "Miller's Station", and supposed to have been the first in Clermont.
These settlers lived in the "station," which was a residence and fort combined, and several times the men were driven into the station by passing predatory bands of Indians going to Kentucky to steal horses or on their return from that State by the way of Neville Crossing.

In 1796 and 1797, Simon Kenton, while scouting between Cincinnati and the Scioto River, spying for Indians violating the Greenville treaty, often tarried over-night at this station and partook of its cordial hospitality.

Daniel Boone, when on his way to Missouri, had sent his family by flatboat down the Ohio River, and stayed at this station several days with the Woods and Buchanans,-old friends and neighbors of that great Indian- fighter and hunter at Germantown and Washington, Ky.

Here for nearly a week he tarried, and took a hunt up into the county to nearly the headwaters of the Stonelick, in which the party of eleven laid in an immense supply of bear and deer-meat, with a dozen fine wild turkeys."

Source: 1880, The History of Clermont County, Ohio, Louis H. Everts, J.B. Lippincott & Co. , Philadelphia
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