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Calling Cards-Rude/Shull/Girton/Hudson

Calling Cards-Rude/Shull/Girton/Hudson

Calling Cards or "Visitor Cards". The personal version of the business card. There were alot of protocols about visiting and meeting people in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Calling cards played a big part in these social interactions. Here's a good explanation of their uses and ettiquette.

Featured here are cards from several local families. Included are the cards of :
  • Elisha E. Hudson
  • Ottilie Girton
  • Rosa B. Girton
  • Felix Rude
  • Mary E. Shull
  • Josie M. Shull
  • Linton J. Shull
  • Matthew Shull
  • Joseph W. Shull
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