This yearbook was an unusual one. Instead of being printed like previous and subsequent ones, this yearbook is essentially a scrapbook. The pages are single pages three-hole punched and assembled into a folder with clasps. All the photos are actual photos pasted into the book.

Unfortunately the adhesive ( probably rubber cement) has hardened over the years causing the photos to fall off.

The first step in the restoration is to remove and number all the pages. There are no page numbers on the originals. Each page with photos is then inspected to make sure the photos are securely fastened. Over the years others have used scotch tape on the corners to keep them in place. Standard transparent tape is not recommended for this as it will eventually discolor and damage the photo. Ideally this tape would be removed but in this case when the restorer tried to remove the tape it started to pull the emulsion from the photo. For that reason the old repairs where left.

The photos in danger of falling off were then glued back on using Lineco Neutral ph glue. This is an archival museum quality glue that is specially designed for this purpose. It dries clear and remains flexible so that the photos won’t fall off in the future. The acid-free nature of this adhesive also prevents damage to the photo that other adhesives can cause.

Finally all the pages will be digitized. The resulting high resolution images can be enlarge and printed at large sizes. Digital copies are easy to share and do not suffer from reproduction problems like physical photos. Physical photos are just one disaster away from being lost forever. Digitizing ensures these valuable pieces of history will be preserved forever.

Photo: ©2021 Steve Ziegelmeyer, Ziegelmeyer Photography

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